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The Japan Animal Welfare Society (JAWS)

Honorary President: Her Royal Highness Princess Hitachi

Chairman of the Board: Mitsutaka Kurokawa,
Established as a Legal Entity in 1956, JAWS has a more than 60 year history of serving as a central member of the animal welfare community in Japan and of working with numerous domestic and foreign organizations.

Main sphere of activities

  1. Public education on animal welfare and activities for the prevention of cruelty
  2. Subsidizing spay/neuter programs in order to prevent unwanted pets
  3. Rehoming of abandoned and surrendered animals
  4. Animal rescue during disasters as well as in animal hoarding cases
  5. Sponsoring workshops, seminars, and symposium as well as an annual competition for school children writing about their animal experiences
  6. Public education concerning the Animal Welfare Law and cooperating with the government in reviewing the law
  7. Operating a call center for animal issues and gathering animal related information both domestically and internationally

5 branches throughout Japan


Approximately 2100members

Much of the activities of the organization are conducted by volunteers centered around 5 branches throughout Japan.

Membership dues

Corporate Members(with right to vote) ¥50,000/unit
Supportive Members(with right to vote) ¥ 7,000
Assistant Members ¥3,000
Youth Members ¥1,000

(Lifetime Membership suspended)

JAWS receives no government subsidy and is entirely dependent on Membership fees and donations from the public.
Please support our activities. Our office is listed below.

Contact us

Zip code 141-0022
FREUNDE 2F, 2-6-5 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Please push “2” for the consultation about animals, and “3” for other inquiries.



We have limited number of staff who can speak English, your kind understanding is appreciated.

Annual Report of FY2022
(Summary-animal welfare related matters)

Click here(Annual Report for FY2022)

1.About our membership
As of the end of March,2022, the numbers of the membership by category.

Honorary Member 1
Corporate Members(with right to vote)
a/f ¥50,000
Lifetime Members(with right to vote) 
Supportive Members(with right to vote) 
¥ 7,000
Assistant Members
Youth Members 
Total 2104

Your application for the membership is always welcome. Contact our office at 03-6455-7733.

2.About our activities in FY2022

  1. We subsidized around 3,400 operations of “Spaying & Neutering”.
  2. Headquarters and 5 branches matched 546 dogs & cats with new owners.
  3. Telephone Counseling for concerned owners.
    We received many consultations about possible adoptions, cruelty , neglect, diseases, and animal abuse,among wich,animal hoarding cases and video clips on animal abuse have increased.
  4. We held many workshops,lectures including Citizen Forum for Animal Welfare,Veterinary Forensics Seminar,Shelter Medicine Seminar,Welfare of Animals used in Exhibitions,Welfare of Farm Animals and RSPCA Advanced Workshop.
  5. The 63nd Annual Protection Essay Contest was held and the number of the applications was 1,251.
  6. To raise funds for our activities, picture books and cards designed by HIH Princess Hitachi and JAWS’s original goods such as T-shirts, mugs, and calendars etc were sold.
  7. We published JAWS Report No.91, 92, animal welfare related special reports.

Animal Welfare Japan (AWJ)

JAWS UK The Japan Animal Welfare Society Ltd

Animal Welfare Japan(AWJ) was establishied in1956 to raise public awareness and funds for pioneering animal welfare activities in Japan.AWJ has been and will be supporting JAWS JAPAN activities as a major patron.

Registered Charity No: 244534 (England & Wales).
Registratered Company No: 855624.

AWJ website